What Does MaxQ Mean?

What Does MaxQ Mean?

May 8th 2020

Health and fitness isn’t rocket science…Or is it?

You may be surprised to find that at MaxQ Nutrition®, rocket science is
a big part of who we are.

While we aren’t rocket scientists ourselves, science not only fueled our
formulation of MaxQ Nutrition’s ingredients and doses, but it also influenced
our name.

Inspired by professional athletes, we wanted what they want–something better.
After hours and hours of researching scientific studies to devise optimum formulas
at maximum doses, we realized the result symbolized yet another scientific phenomenon… Max Q. MaxQ is a term used by NASA.

During a shuttle launch have you ever heard them say, “We’re approaching Max Q?”
They do!

When a space shuttle launches and climbs in altitude, its speed increases rapidly.
As it climbs higher, the air density of the atmosphere decreases. The combination of
increased speed and decreased air density is when the shuttle experiences the most stress.
It must withstand the extreme force of maximum dynamic pressure, or Max Q, to avoid
structural damage.

Max Q is the most critical part to a mission— it requires all shuttle systems and components
to be working in unison and operating at full capacity to survive and breakthrough the extreme
pressure. Once it does, the shuttle is throttled to ‘full power’ without failing, making for a
successful mission So how does all that relate to MaxQ Nutrition®?

Science, of course.

The human body, like a rocket, has many components that work together to make it function

When you consume nutrients, your body uses enzymes to break down those nutrients into
components like amino acids and carbohydrates. Your body then absorbs the broken down
molecules into your bloodstream where they are used to fuel, build and enhance your body.

Here’s the most interesting part; some nutrients enhance the performance of other nutrients
when taken together; and some nutrients are more effective at maximum doses.

Knowing which nutrients pair perfectly and augment the benefits of others, is crucial to achieving
an optimal combination of supplementation so your body can withstand maximum stress and break
through barriers to achieve results. When we said we created the perfect combination of ingredients at maximum doses, we
meant it. We determined which nutrients work with each other, and at what maximum
doses, so your body can ‘break through’ your genetic ceiling and get results with all systems
at maximum levels.

While our products were formulated for elite athletes to redefine their
limits; our formulas are not body-specific, they are nutrient combination-specific. In other
words—they work for everyone. Well, everyone who refuses to settle.

Whether you’re a pro or you are just getting in the game
—our formulas work for anyone so you can reach your maximum.

Max Q is the most important part of your mission–and we’re here to help you succeed.

You’re approaching MaxQ…. all systems go.

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