We want our customers to be like us–unparalleled, uncompromised and untouchable. That’s why we’re sharing what everyone is saying about MaxQ– because it doesn’t get any realer than that.

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  • There is nothing like Max Q pre and intra on the market. I’ve been using it for 2 months now, and it has completely transformed my workouts. Feeling ready to go hard every day has brought the fun back to the gym again for me!

    Jason Collins
  • Max Q has transformed my body from being overweight by about 30 pounds to a sold body, with muscle tone and a flat stomach, outlining my abs! The energy I get seems to never end! I will do 3 miles of cardio and have plenty left in me to hit the weights hard for about 40 minutes! If I didn’t know when to stop I could keep going! Besides the amazing results I experienced the doses and formulas are unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard about. If you want the best bang for your buck and see results Max Q is the brand of the future. As a single full time dad of 3 Maxed Out restored my once lost motivation to become the best me I can be.

  • I was introduced to Max Q pre-workout supplement 6 months ago by a trusted friend and trainer. After the third intense workout I concluded this substance was the kick I needed to pass my plateau and go to the next level of body sculpting. I am a 47 year old male who struggles with a daily diet so I rely on exercising to keep my weight in check and every year it gets harder. This pre-workout mix is my saving grace and I feel better about myself and the intensity it gives me in the gym. I enjoy the fruit punch flavor and look forward to new flavors….I’m hooked!!

    Joe Wittrock
  • LOOOVE Maxed Out! This stuff is by far the best pre-workout I have ever tried. I’m not a huge fan of stim heavy pwo’s (a little caffeine is fine) and prefer to get the “pump”. The pump drives me. If I see I’m getting swole, I get more motivated to push on. I like looking and feeling like I can’t take off my shirt when I’m finished. Maxed Out gives me that look and feeling.

  • I Love the MaxQ pre workout. I have been using it for 2 months now and nothing compares by far the best results ever. It’s everything it says it is and more.

    Chantal Beauchamp
  • Been taking MaxQ’s pre and intra products for three months now and can’t say enough about the products and brand.
    From someone who has been buying and studying supplements for 25 years, I assure you this is the real deal.
    Focus, pump, endurance, cleanness… it’s all there, and at an unmatched level. Truly phenomenal products.

    Servo Di Dio
  • I’ve really seen an incremental effect in my performance unlike any other product I have used. I’ve tried other for a long time but the Max Q formula, quality and strength has made some real gains possible for the first time in a long time. Its amazing. I couldn’t be happier with this product and will continue to use. Thanks Max Q!

  • Max Q was introduced to me by a good friend…and it has given me that extra boost/ motivation to workout nearly everyday. I also have a hectic travel schedule and Max Q pre-workout gives me the energy to get my workouts in and still have plenty of energy to have a very productive day/ evening with my job. Highly recommended…and you will like the results!!

    Rob ex NHL/ Pro Hockey Player
  • I’m done with GNC. This stuff is amazing.

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  • I call MaxQ “gym crack.” I had both pre workout and intra workout and I can’t believe it lived up to the hype. I’m a former bodybuilder and professional athlete and I was in the gym for hours and didn’t want to leave. I’ve seen results in days. You got a fan and buyer for life.

    maxq nutrition testimonial
    Mark W.
  • Finally a pre-workout that didn’t give me jitters or an upset stomach! I was smooth, too. Not gritty. The intra tastes good. Kept me focused after 5 rounds of live sparring and I wanted to keep going so I went to the gym and hit the weights, too. “Premium” has a new poster child. It’s MaxQ.

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    Amanda B.
  • My body has changed overnight! Hands down the best products in the world. I will never buy C4 or Xtend ever again. Thanks MaxQ!

    Craig K.