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Inspired by elite athletes’ unwavering commitment to break through the ceiling of physical limits, we fuel professional athletes with Pro-sports-compliant ingredients to take them from start to the finish line.

While you don’t have to be an athlete to reap the rewards of our premium products, you must have an insatiable fire burning within you to prove to yourself, and the world, you won’t settle.

If you are already an elite athlete, find out how you can beat your best with our scientifically-backed nutrient-timing series.

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APEX Series by MaxQ Nutrition

MaxQ Nutrition’s® supplement series is the fascinating result of hours and hours of scientific research to create products that wouldn’t let us down, because we refuse to let the pros down. In fact, we challenge the pros. We raised the bar and devised a formula that can redefine limits.

Our Formulas are Vital to Becoming Untouchable.

Timing is Everything (Well, Almost Everything)

Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose weight or build strength, you may have found training and eating right isn’t returning the results you want. Maybe you’ve come in second place too many times? Maybe you can’t beat a record you set a year ago?

Is it your body working against you?

While you may be missing the right ingredients in your diet, you also might be missing something else.

Nutrient timing is a strategy where when you train; you take a specific combination of nutrients at specific times during exercise to promote endurance, nutrient absorption, muscle mass, metabolism and recovery. Some studies suggest that the actual time you take supplements or nutrients may be more important than the absolute daily intake of nutrients.

Several researchers reference an anabolic “window of opportunity.” In other words, these studies indicate there is a limited period that exists where you can optimize your body’s response to, and the results of, training. Through our research of scientific studies on nutrient timing and exercise, we have maximized your body’s response to physical activity by formulating the ideal ingredients at full doses to be taken before, during and/or after training to get you back on top and setting new records your future self will strive to beat.

Let us walk you through the exciting science behind the MaxQ Nutrition®’s MaxedOUT Supplements.

Pre-Workout Supplements Provide Fuel, and Promote Endurance, Strength and Results

Multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements are popular among professional athletes because studies indicate pre-workout supplements enhance muscular endurance. Studies showed these supplements not only increase muscular endurance, but also improves strength and power. Additional research proved consuming a pre-workout energy supplement containing caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, creatine, beta alanine, and amino acids prior to exercising enhances the total number of repetitions performed during exercise. As a result of the enhanced exercise, performance subjects in studies also showed an increase in both growth hormone and insulin concentrations, indicating an augmented anabolic hormone response.

Pre-Workout Supplements Help Delay Muscle Protein Breakdown

During training, muscle protein will break down. Beginning your workouts by fueling your body with specific nutrients, helps mediate protein breakdown. In particular, glycogen availability has been shown to mediate muscle protein breakdown. Maintaining a high glycogen content just before exercising is helpful to your exercise results because up to 80% of it can be used for energy during intensive exercise. Oh, and glycogen regulates blood-glucose levels, therefore having enough of it is important, agree? So, with MaxQ Nutrition®’s Pre-Workout you’re prepping your body to delay depletion, boosting endurance and strength, promoting muscle growth and insulin concentrations to improve your results and set new records.

Intra-Workout Supplements Help Perpetuate the Pre-Workout Benefits

Depending on how long and hard you are training, your body will deplete and breakdown certain nutrients in your body. Intra-workout supplements are often mistaken only to be taken during a workout. While an intra-workout can act as an assistant to the pre-workout supplements, kind of like a relay race, intra-workout supplements provide the body with aminos and nutrients that boost results any time during the day. They fuel and feed muscles so your body can continue to replenish and grow at any time.

When your body begins depleting important nutrients or losing energy, intra-workout supplements pick up the baton and promote replenishment of nutrients and reenergize your body. Studies show the effects of nutrient intake timing on carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism during exercise can modulate your body’s metabolic response. With MaxQ Nutrition®’s Intra-Workout you’re not only keeping your nutrient “fuel tank” full, but filled with the right “fuel,” too.

Post-Workout Supplements Promote Enhanced Power in Muscle Protein Synthesis, Glycogen Re-Synthesis and Muscle Damage Repair.

Perhaps the most touted benefit of post-workout supplements is that it enhances the power in muscle protein synthesis. Resistance training alone has been shown to promote a two-fold increase in protein synthesis following exercise– consider the added benefits of escalating that natural twofold increase with post-workout supplements. A primary goal of post-workout nutrient timing is to replenish glycogen storage to boost energy and increase the time your body will let you train. Post-workout supplements also promote muscular adaptations, which assists in reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Let’s look at why both are important to you and your training outcomes.

Glycogen Replenishment in Post-Workout Supplements

Glycogen is essential to optimal performance, with as much as 80% of energy production during exercise being derived from glycolysis. Studies show activity involving multiple exercises and sets for the same muscle group depletes glycogen. Glycogen not only provides energy, but it also regulates blood-glucose levels, thus, replenishing its depletion is essential. There is also evidence that protein as part of your post-workout consumption can enhance glycogen re-synthesis. The dynamic effects of it have been attributed to a more prominent insulin response, which means our bodies process sugars more effectively.

Protein Synthesis in Post-Workout Supplements

Another purported benefit of post-workout nutrient timing is a reduction of muscle protein breakdown. Studies show that muscle protein breakdown is only slightly elevated immediately post-exercise and then rapidly rises thereafter. Research shows the effects of excess amino acids in the body on muscle protein synthesis are increased in power by previous exercise, and the advantages of post-exercise amino acids and protein promote a better response to exercise because of how the body reacts during and after training.

In one study, protein synthesis of the legs and whole body was increased threefold when the supplement was taken immediately after exercise, as compared to just 12% when consumption was delayed.

Additional evidence shows that consuming protein immediately after training enhances muscular and support that a window of opportunity indeed exists—so delaying post-workout nutrients may impede muscular gains and your results. What does it mean? It means when consuming post-workout supplements, your muscles build and grow at a greater rate while promoting healthy levels of glycogen. The more muscle you have, the more calories that muscle burns, the stronger you become, and the more training you can endure over time.

Post-Workout Supplements Must Be Taken During the “Window of Opportunity”

Your body uses up fuel and amino acids during training. The post-exercise period is widely considered the most critical part of nutrient timing. The proper ratio of nutrients during this window not only initiates the rebuilding of damaged muscle tissue and restoration of energy reserves, but it does so in an expedited manner that enhances both body structure and exercise performance.

The nutrient timing strategy is intended to maximize exercise-induced muscular adaptations and aid in the repair of damaged tissue. Some studies show it can even produce dramatic improvements in body composition, particularly with increases in fat-free mass. Think about how much more quickly you will see results and set new records, if your body’s ability to build and repair muscle is enhanced simply by taking MaxQ Nutrition®’s Post-Workout during this window of opportunity?

Ok, MaxQ, Break That Down So I Can Understand It

1.Pre-Workout: Your body uses fuel and nutrients during exercise. Filling up ‘your tank’ before working out helps lessen depletion of important nutrients that help build muscle, maintain stamina, and increase strength.

2. Intra-Workout: Feeding your body additional important nutrients during your workout promotes more effective nutrient use by your body and its exercise results.

3. Post-Workout: Replenishing nutrients in your body after exercise during a very important ‘window of time’ promotes muscle growth, repair and nutrient replenishment.

Stop Letting Your Body Lose the Fight Before You Get a Chance to Win

We know what the elite needs. Using Pro Sports compliant nutrients and scientifically backed research we created pro-athlete formulas that help replace nutrient losses during, and after, training to maximize your ability to achieve results and set new limits. Limits? What limits? Our premium formulas will erase that four-letter word from your vocabulary.

We gave you the science, and now we’re giving you the formulas– so you can get the win.

MaxQ Nutrition® will stick with you during your training from start to finish, so your body can win the fight against nutrient depletion and you can win the game.

Our formulas are premium, our science is superior and our products are designed to make you untouchable.

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