MaxQ Meal Plans & Recipes

Hey there hungry pals! Our chefs are in the kitchen cookin’ up some healthy meals to bring you the best recipes to feed and transform your body. Great eats take some time, so kick back, relax and have a pizza.

No. That was a test. Don’t eat the whole pizza.

We’ll be back with some delish dishes to keep you filled, full and not speed dialing your local pizza place. Kay? Hold tight.


In the meantime, we’ve written a little diddy to keep you inspired and eating healthy. Take a peek.

We’ll be back here in the kitchen loading up meat eater, veggie-head, and vegan plans to appease all appetites. Yum.


Transformation Starts in the Kitchen, mmmmkay?


Eating right is an integral part to achieving any fitness or health results.

From losing weight and getting healthier to gaining muscle, you need to feed your body the right foods to help you along in the process.

Many experts say eating right is 80% of success in achieving results. But it’s obvious there is no universal meal plan for everyone. Preferences and goals play a big role, so does your own body’s unique needs.

Rest assured we’ll be catering to your unique needs in the coming weeks. Stop back by for all the support you can get to help you cross your finish line. Until then, read tips on meal planning to keep you focused on your goals.

Meal Planning Tips


    • Determine many meals do you typically eat.
    • Determine many calories should you be consuming at your age, weight, height, and for your goal.
    • Do a little math on what you can allot for each meal (don’t forget snacks!)
    • Determine how active you will be to assist in any targeted caloric deficiency or nutrient increase.
    • Know how much time you have to meal prep each week and stick to it.
    • Set a budget for much money are you willing to invest at the grocery store (some healthy foods can be pricey.)
    • Plan a week ahead and stick to it.
    • Don’t beat yourself up if you stray off track, a lot of people will throw in the towel for the whole week if they turned into the pizza-whisperer for dinner. Don’t be a towel-tosser.



Simply dust yourself off and keep going. It’s much better to slip up for one meal than for an entire week.


Boost Your Odds of Staying Committed with These Bonus Tips


Meal planning takes some commitment. Make it easier by buying ahead of time. Don’t get caught in the “what’s for dinner?” danger zone.

After a long day at work and no prepped meal, it’s easy to be ensnared by the convenience of fast food.


  • Have healthy food available

    Pre-bag snacks like celery and sliced apples so you grab them when you’re in the munching mood.

  • Get to-go containers

    Don’t fall for the work cafeteria or the group lunch lure at work. Bring your healthy food and stay on track.

  • Try something new

    One of the biggest turn offs for meal plans can be the ‘rut’ plans where you stay in a comfort zone of foods. Chicken, broccoli and brown rice is great, but not if you eat it for 11 days in a row. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Branch out and let your taste buds experience something new each week.


You still with us? Fantastic! You’re locked and loaded with enough info to start your meal plans. When the oven buzzes and our recipes are ready, we’ll be bringing you all kinds of treats to fit your fare flair.